Open Science Support


On 1 January 2020, Masaryk University launched a three-year project coordinated by the ICS MUNI, the aim of which is to define and set policy, infrastructure and systematic support for the development of Open Science (OS) at MUNI.

Open Science Core team offers support for these areas:

  • Dissemination of awareness, knowledge + support in involvement in OA / FAIR. Support in research data
  • Data Management Plan (DMP, data storage / access, FAIR fulfilment)
  • Workshops, training Promotion - printed and electronic materials, manuals
  • Organization of OA Week and other promotional events
  • Support for Data Management Plan -  due to the field knowledge, the implementation of the DMP is always a domain matter of the scientist. We will provide researchers with tips on DMP management tools and sample DMP plans, and a technical support.
  • Legal advice - CC license, etc.


Contact Open Science Core team

The so-called "extended arm" of the Open Science Core team is the Open Science Implementation Group. There is an Open Science methodology at every MU economic centre - an Open Science specialist you can contact. Open Science methodologies offer you support in the following cases:

  • advice on choosing a magazine concerning the possibilities of fulfilling Open Access (Green OA - free, Gold OA - paid)
  • communication with the publisher, prevention of predatory magazines and conferences, providing vouchers at contracted publishers ensuring compliance with the OA Green condition by saving and correspondingly setting the file parameters in the MU repository (setting the appropriate type of Creative Commons license, imposing the time embargo for publication)
  • advice on selecting a suitable repository for storing research data concerning their nature (field, type and size of data)
  • educational and awareness-raising activities in the area of Open Science for researchers and administrative staff of MU (training, workshops), e.g. 
  • individual support and consulting in the field of Open Science for scientists, project and economic departments

Contact your Open Science methodology

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