Life situations

How can I publish an article in an Open Access journal?
  1. Check out SHERPA/RoMEO.
  2. Verify on the publisher's website.
  3. To propose a green publication path (repository) according to the publisher's possibilities.
  4. If this is not possible, contact the Open Science methodology
What are the benefits of Open Access?
  1. Verification of the correctness of the results
  2. Reproducibility of science
  3. Reusing data once obtained
  4. Acceleration of the innovation cycle (economic benefit)
What are Creative Commons licenses?

More information is available, for example, at

Myths about Open Access

You can find more information at

I need to publish articles in Open Access mode as part of my project, but I don't have money for it in the project
  1. Publication via the golden path is not the only option to fulfill the condition for publishing in Open Access. The condition can also be fulfilled by the green route. In addition, there are also magazines that do not require a fee for using the golden route.
  2. Check whether the journal where the author wants to publish allows the green way
  3. If it does not allow, try to find another magazine
  4. If this is not an option, contact the Open Science methodology


I am planning a project and will have to meet the Open Access condition. I need advice on how to plan the financing of a publication
  1. We will find out from the researcher / project manager what the financial conditions of the project are - e.g. unit costs, actual costs.
  2. We analyze potential journals where the researcher plans to publish
  3. Based on this analysis, the number of planned publications in the project will be evaluated

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